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The Calm Approach to Menopause

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The HypnoMenopause® Approach

Menopause is something that every woman will experience at some point in her life. From perimenopause, which is the lead up to menopause, to post-menopause, this transitional period can last for many years. For some women, this transitional phase is characterised by vasomotor symptoms, fatigue, sleep problems and a range of other symptoms which make it hard to function. It's also a time when women may be struggling with life pressures and a shifting sense of their own identity. HypnoMenopause® combines hypnosis, mindfulness and CBT to help women manage their experience in a completely natural way. In clinical trials, hypnotherapy has been shown to alleviate hot flushes by up to an incredible 74%, in addition to helping mood, sleep and sexual function.

 HypnoMenopause® was featured in Psychologies Magazine and journalist, Clem Felix had this to say of her experience, "I feel extremely lucky that I’m so close to the life I want, and for the help Dr Jack  has given me to enjoy it again...I feel energetic and am looking forward to the future with real excitement for the first time in years. For now, at least, I feel a long way from needing HRT". You can read about her experiences here.

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What is HypnoMenopause®?



Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind, during which we are more creative and ready to accept positive suggestion.


Mind-body connection

Using your powerful mind can help you connect with your body and manage menopausal symptoms in a unique way.

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Practitioner training

Designed for counsellors, psychologists, hypnotherapists and anyone who works with women in a therapeutic capacity.

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Hi. I'm Claire. I developed the HypnoMenopause® Approach after I began suffering with debilitating perimenopausal symptoms in my late thirties. As a hypnotherapist and academic researcher, I was amazed to discover how incredibly hypnotherapy performed in clinical trials. I now specialise in training therapists from a wide variety of backgrounds in how to help women experience a calmer, happier, more healthy menopausal transition. My approach has been featured in Psychologies Magazine and I am one of Psychology Today's in-house experts.

Dr Claire Jack

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